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What's up guys, today's video is going to be about my obs and what mods to do to a 5, 7, 350 or any OBS in general? Had a lot of people ask me: what's done in my truck and like beginning like beginners having OBS first thing uh, if you have an old truck you're, always going to have problems, there's not a time where you have OBS and you go a couple months without issues you're always going to have issues whether it being brakes old parts that run out of these trucks are like what we're in 2022 they're, probably over 20 years old, so prepare to have things.

Rusted prepare to have bolt snap prepare to have miscellaneous stuff happen in your truck, which is normal.

You know it's fine, it's part of the game, and basically this video is going to be what to do to your truck, say you have a 5 7 350 is what I have in mind: um first off, let's start off with Let's Pretend.

This truck is stock all right.

First off you got to get some clear headlights.

You can get those on eBay for around I'd, say 70 bucks and you can also get some cheap, LED lights, they're, probably like 30 bucks AutoZone around there, so first off lights and most obs's they come with some like some old school Wheels I happen to get these baby bullets for 400 I, just cleaned them up, really good deal I like the old school.


A lot of people tell me that, oh, why don't you go? Let's swap it? Why don't you bag it? Why don't you put intros? It takes a lot of money and which is fine.

You know, I could have I could have bagged and could have put it on extras, but never let anyone's like preference or style.

Throw you off.

If you have a build you do it, how you want to do it I like to style like this only reason I like it like this, because it's a little childhood thing.

Lightning McQueen had those like letters on his wheels.

I was like it up with those on them, but yeah.

So first headlights I always like pops little things matter then I'd say second, do a little baby drop.

Every OBS looks good with a drop, maybe like a three five.

Four six I currently have a four six.

It's a I think he called it.

Mcnall suspension I, don't know how to explain it, but it was like 800 full, complete kit.

I have the bolts on c-nox, so a little drop that'll be number two to add to your truck Wheels a little drop and for the most part most OBS is the paint they have are pretty good.

If you want to get a paint job, you could uh, but then again I like obs's like more more original, not modded, I.

Don't know why I really modded this one.

This is my first truck so yeah I wanted to go for a 350, SS, Style yeah, oh tail lights and a brake light me I personally, don't have a brake light, that's the same one for the past year and a half so lights drop and if you have old, school, wheelers, Wheels, sorry just clean those up, I say it.

Look better.

Uh I had like I, had some ugly 22s before that's when I first got in the trucks and it just threw my truck off.

It looked ghetto I like the old school look.

Remember old school trucks, always look old school, don't try to like make them look newer, uh, most obses.

Have this color interior I went ahead and did custom seats and I put suede headliner.

That's what I have on all my vehicles.

Mine is the maroon velvet uh.

This door is pretty good.

The only shoes I had on my interior was this right here, the bezel and a crack in the dash and a rip on that seat or on that door frame.


Sorry, the carpet's really good uh, okay, yeah they're, usually Falls.

They don't fall right now, but usually when I open this far to the floor, most OBS people probably relate but uh.

The plan was get a whole new, Dash and doors, but that's like let's say they're, probably about a thousand dollars.

So I really wasn't trying to spend that one.

These are already decent.

That's normal.

Most obs's have wear and tear, but uh I, like the original seats.

I just did that to match my truck but for sure I'd, say headliner, yeah headliner.

So right now we have lights, a baby drop and headliner and the fourth one you gotta get yourself a guy OBS is an OBS that are covered.

In my opinion, um mine came with the truck.

It was an old guy.

He had one like laying around like hey, can I get that one too, because I take it 100 bucks I got it from an old guy for say it's been around 3 800.

So it's a steel deal, so you got you got to get yourself a cowhood.

That's what makes an OBS in my opinion, so put that on your list of cowhood.

Then, if you have a 350, you got to get that.

350 logo excuse the scratch stupid.

Ass dogs, I was gonna, get badges, but the paint is painted.

So I just went ahead and got the sticker ones in case I.

Remove it and, like I, said guys, you can always paint it.

It's really what you want to do simple.

Just a drop wheels and a cowhood: that's what I do uh I personally, don't have tint another thing: I recommend is getting tint, but I.

Only I didn't get 10 to show my two, which is fine and now we'll go to like the motor I'll, show you on my exhaust and everything, but uh motorwise these.

These motors they're not meant for racing they're, not meant for anything crazy uh.

As you can see, we got a bunch of new parts uh they sound pretty good.

For the most part.

What I would do to your motor is get some long, tube, headers um, a cold air intake.

You can actually take off your heads and get them ported.

They sell a 383 kit, stroker kit, for like 900 bucks.

You can have it installed for six.

That's but like for simple stuff, I'd say get headers put your heads, uh, cold air intake and because overall new parts like ac lines, alternators all that all that stuff, because with time they're gonna rot in uh, it's called Break.

You can also Port your throttle body.

You can pour your intake manifold, that's pretty cheap as well! So remember guys for your 5 7 350 get long tube, headers cold air intake.

If you want to to run better Port your heads and get a ported, get your throttle body ported and intake manifold ported and what else? And if you want you could get a 383 kit, but that's really really up to you, because basically, what you could do to these motors unless you want to swap out the manifold and make it carbureted, that's a lot of that's a lot of BS.

You got to deal with um, but yeah man, just headers uh, headers, quarter, intake and heads is literally it I'll start it right now, for you and also I have a sound system.

I don't know if y'all can see all the wiring yourself a sound system.

You can't have OBS without having the sauces to my bed, I I personally I'm, not into sound systems.

Let me put the camera down for y'all real, quick I'm, not a fan of sound systems.

I just did it to help my friend out because he was starting this little business I have four eights and for the most part they bumped pretty good, nothing crazy.

It runs off one amp uh we offer uh.

We offer sound systems here, my God.

Does it really good I'm gonna patch up down I, might put two come out and for the exhaust, in my opinion, the 350 sounds best was a solid straight pipe long, tube heavy long, tube, headers and a straight pipe I'm, sorry and I could show that I could show that for y'all right now, remember long tube, headers and a straight pipe I'm gonna.

Do it right now for y'all foreign make sure to follow my Instagram vix1703 I have a purple cat eye giveaway I put in six days fifty dollars to enter having so many spots got a lot to feel and we'll see what we do with this.

One I might do something crazy, I, don't know yet.

I have so many trucks that you can like run out of ideas to do to them, but yeah.

That's it for the most part, nothing crazy.

Just a simple OBS and if you ever need any work, let me know wraps paying jobs drop.

Kids, anything you need.

Let me know and appreciate you watching and later.


What makes a truck an OBS? ›

The term OBS, created by enthusiasts, stands for Old Body Trucks. The criteria are rather loose, but most often the trucks with rugged and boxy looks produced in the early 2000s fall into this category. Read further to find out what OBS means for trucks and why they are becoming so popular in 2022.

How much is an OBS Chevy worth? ›

Not too long ago you could pick one up for around $2,000 but that has changed as many landscapers and construction workers used and abused many of these trucks. Now it will take around $10,000-15,000 to fetch a decent project OBS.

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The abbreviation OBS stands for “Old Body Style” in reference to the boxy and rugged look of trucks from the 1990s. Since enthusiasts are responsible for coining the term, the criteria for an OBS truck is rather loose.

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