Sh*t I Never Knew: Bolt Pattern 101 (2023)


Kirk is back to give you a quick run down on the differences between single drilled and dual drilled wheels, as well as some helpful information pertaining to bolt patterns!

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Hey guys, Kirk here, custom offsets custom, offset TV, um YouTube, welcome to another episode of I, never knew today we're going to talk about bolt pattern.

101 I'm, going to give you a quick rundown on things that are.

We get a lot of questions about for customer service emails, calls and things that people are just confused about.

So we're going to run through a few different wheels here, a few different styles and hopefully I'll help.

You understand what to bolt pattern is and what you might receive when you get your wheels and tires, let's go into Windows.

The top of this double talk out back.

If we doesn't get it very much so cleaning up woman.

Now we never boldface.

Are you putting it ready to take in justification? Alright? So when you're on custom, Office website and you're, looking through all the wheels, you pick a wheel, even even if you pick a wheel and tire package, you scroll down to the bottom and you'll, see it in red it'll say: let's say you have a Chevy 1500, it will say six by five point: five and it will be bolded in red.

Next, to that, you might see that six by 135 is also selected.

What that means is that is a dual drilled wheel, and in this case this is a five lug dual drilled wheel.

The 6 lug is over there, but as a covered center cap.

We'll get to that point later, but the point of this matter is with alloy wheels.

Manufacturers don't make two molds for both wheels, that's too expensive for them, so what they did is they made it to bolt pattern's.

So in this case this is 5 on 150 and 5 on 5 and a half, so this will fit some toyota tacomas and also Ram 1500s, and what that does.

Is that eliminates part numbers? It eliminates mistakes and it saves money.

So this manufacturer made a dual drilled: five lug wheel and what they'll be able to do with that is.

They can sell this to two different vehicles.

Now it seems a ton of time and a ton of money.

The big misconception we get is I ordered.

Ok, let's go back to the Chevy, so I'll ordered for my 2015 Chevrolet, 1500 and I know.

I have six on five and a half bolt pattern, and your website said six on one 39.7 you're sending me the wrong wheels.

No we're not it's the same thing.

What some manufacturers do is they use inches instead of millimeters or millimeters or inches, so essentially, a lot of Chevy's there's really no rhyme or reason to it.

But Chevy is six on five and a half in inches and millimeters.

Obviously, at six on six by one thirty-nine point: seven well as Ford six log you'll see is listed as six by 135 instead of six by I.

Believe it's five point: three inches.

It's just an easier way to keep things designated and it's easier for manufacturers and people to understand to differentiate between the two in some cases, there's no rhyme or reason why it isn't inches.

But in most cases it's just because it's easier in Ford's case eight on one 70 I.

Personally, don't off the top my head and know what that is in inches, but it's it's a decimal where it doesn't make sense.

So it's easier to say eight on one.

Seventy! So, in this case, like I said, this is five on one fifty and a five on five point: five.

So in you're mounting your wheels up and it's not fitting- don't worry test the other set of holes.

It will fit if you're still having fitment issues, don't try to force it on a wheel should never be having to force on shoot us an email.

Give us a call and we'll check.

The part number send us a picture if you're worried, we'll check it and then we'll make you sure, and if you're really worried a kid switch to the back side.

I'll show you the front to measure your bolt pattern.

It's very simple in this case it's a dual five lug, so you go directly across from each other.

You go from the center of the far right corner to the center of the far across corner and measure this distance.

This will give you the second portion of your bolt pattern.

So in this case five on five and a half, it means it's a five lug five and a half inches across, and that gives me Ram 1500 bolt pattern.

In the case of five on 150, if you're measuring the second bolt pattern, that would be 150, millimeters and whatever that would equivalent to in two inches, so that should help you understand that portion and to jump next I'll get into why some have a covered center caps, while some don't so.

In this case this does have a center cap, but we kept it off for the purpose that we have a dual six lug wheel right here.

99% of your few wheels I'm looking just like this they'll have a covered Center cap and you won't be able to see anything and if I took that cap off, it would look just like this.

There would be 12 holes, obviously, instead of 10, because that is a dual six lug and it'll be all covered up.

A lot of the new wheels are coming out with exposed lug nuts, because spike lugs are the cool thing to do, and you might be wondering why does all of American force wheels had exposed lug nuts? That is simply because they're forged every wheel is custom made per order.

So it's not a mold.

This cast wheel is poured into a mold, and here you go now it's a la wheel and there's less part numbers dual drill, all custom-built, so they custom make them per order per bolt pattern per size for everything.

So that's why they're exposed- and this is when you'll be able to run the spike lug nuts, where on neither of these wheels you can it just wouldn't look very good, because you'll have an extra extra, five or six or even eight holes.

Then you make dual drilled.

Eight lug wheels pretty rare, but there are a couple of companies that do make them so another quick question: we always anti run spike lug nuts.

On my dual drilled, 6 lug, 5, lug, 8, lug wheel.

You can it just wouldn't look that good, because you would see the other five or six or eight holes so I hope this explanation, kind of wraps up the difference between inches and millimeters and bolt patterns and helps you measure.

So if you get them and you try to put them on and the shop doesn't know why they're not fitting it.

Just might me that they've never seen a dual drilled bolt pattern, try the other set of holes and, if you're still having issues, let us know and we'll be here to help so there's anything else that I missed or anything you want to see in the next video.

Let us know and we'll be here to help otherwise see you next time.


What cars have a 5x110 bolt pattern? ›

You might be wondering what vehicles use 5x110 rims? The Pontiac G6, Chrysler 200, Chevy Cobalt and Malibu and the Jeep Cherokee are pretty common examples of vehicles that use the 5x110 bolt pattern. 5-bolt wheels are typically on midsize vehicles on up.

Is 5x4 5 the same as 5x114 3? ›

5x114. 3 wheels are just the metric variant of 5x4. 5 inch wheels. It's a simple conversion from metric to standard.

What is 5x110 bolt pattern? ›

The 5x110 Bolt Pattern or Pitch Circle Diameter (PCD) is made up of the stud count (5) and the bolt circle measurement (110), the notional circle determined by the center position of the studs. The 5x110 bolt pattern is common to Alfa Romeo, BAIC, BAIC BJEV, Cadillac, Changan, Changhe and Chevrolet vehicles.

What cars have a 5 on 5-lug pattern? ›

This was the bolt pattern used for Cadillac and other luxurious vehicles from the 1950's. This includes classic Buick, Oldsmobile and Pontiac. So if you're using a big Olds rear end, you likely have a 5x5 bolt pattern.

Are all Chevy 5-lug bolt patterns the same? ›

Best Answer. Yes a 5 bolt pattern on GM trucks are the same. And since you are increasing the diameter of the rims it should not interfere with the brake calipers. 8 people think this is helpful.

Are 5x114 3 to 5x100 the same? ›

A: If your car has 5x114. 3 lugs, your new rim has 5x100 lugs, these will fit.

What cars share 5x114 3? ›

The most popular cars with PCD 5x114,3 are: Honda Civic oraz Accord, Nissan Qashqai, Dacia Duster, Hyundai i30 and x35, Renault Megane III and Laguna III, Kia Cee'd, Sportage and Venga, Mitsubishi Lancer, Outlander and ASX, Toyota Auris and Avensis III, Citroen C-Crosser, Suzuki SX4, Fiat Sedici, Mazda 3.

How do you measure a 5x110 bolt pattern? ›

How to check your vehicles Bolt Pattern? Count how many studs or lug nuts are on your wheel hub. measure the center to center distance from the two studs that are across the hub from each other. Measure the center to center distance between two studs directly across the hub from each other.

Will a 5x110 fit a 5x112? ›

With wheel adapters, yes, you can put 5×110 wheels on 5×112 vehicle hubs safely.

What does 5x100 bolt pattern mean? ›

(5x100) Bolt Pattern: The bolt pattern indicates the layout of lug holes and consists of two elements: the number of bolts, or lugs (5 in this case), and the space between them across the center of the wheel (100mm in our example).

What is the most common 5 lug bolt pattern? ›

The most common 5 bolt pattern is 5 on 4-1/2. However, 5 bolt patterns also come 5 on 4-3/4, 5 on 5, and 5 on 5-1/2. It is important to know the bolt pattern before you buy new wheels to ensure a proper fit.

Can I change my bolt pattern? ›

Wheel Adapters are used to change bolt patterns in order to properly fit wheels from one vehicle to the hub of a different vehicle. eg “6×5″ to 6×5.5″” or “14×1.5 Studs to 1/2″ Studs”. Wheel Adapters can also be used to adapt or fit aftermarket wheels meant for a different vehicle.

What cars have a 5x4 5 bolt pattern? ›

What vehicles have a 5×4.5 bolt pattern? Several Chrysler, Ferrari, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Infiniti, Jeep, Kia, Lexus, Maserati, Mazda, Nissan, Renault, Subaru, and Toyota models. Tesla Model 3 (2017 – 2022) and Tesla Model Y (2020 – 2022) also use it.

Which cars use 5x105 bolt pattern? ›

Bolt pattern 5x105 What cars have a 5x105 bolt pattern?
  • Encore 2012-2023.
  • Excelle GT 2015-2022.
  • Excelle GX 2018-2021.
  • Royaum 2004-2006.
  • Velite 5 2017-2018.
  • Velite 6 2019-2023.
  • Velite 7 2020-2023.
  • Verano 2015-2022.

What size are 5 lug universal rims? ›

So, a wheel for a 5-lug vehicle will have 10 holes. The wheel above will fit a 5 x 4 1/2 in. AND a 5 x 4 3/4 in bolt pattern.

What 5 lug pattern does Chevy use? ›

Chevy has used the 6×5.5 bolt pattern for its 1500 4×4 pickup trucks since the late 60s. One of the most common questions about the Chevy bolt pattern is, “Are 6×139 7 and 6×5.5 the same pattern?” Yes, they're the same bolt pattern.

Are Chevy 5 lug and Ford 5 lug the same? ›

A Chevrolet or Dodge 5 lug rim will not fit on a Ford.

What year did Chevy go from 5 lug to 6 lug? ›

Sure, they existed, but the offsets were weird, and the styles often ran secondary to their more popular five-lug cousins. Then Chevy came out with a six-lug truck in 1999 and the game changed. But there are still those of us that prefer five-lug wheels because we want a clean five-spoke design.

What vehicles use 5x100 lug pattern? ›

  • Cirrus 1995-2000.
  • Dynasty 1988-1993.
  • Fifth Avenue 1984-1993.
  • LeBaron 1989-1995.
  • New Yorker 1982-1993.
  • PT Cruiser 2000-2010.
  • Saratoga 1989-1995.
  • Sebring 1995-2006.

Can you convert 5x114 to 5x100? ›

Here, you are looking at the Faction Fab 5 x 114.3 to 5 x 100 Wheel Spacer Conversion Set. These wheel spacers will allow you to convert your 5 x 114.3 setup to accept wheels with a 5 x 100 bolt pattern.

Can you convert 5x100 to 5x120? ›

This wheel adaptor set converts a 5x100 VW/Audi vehicle with a 57.1mm hub bore to 5x120. The adaptor features a 57.1mm center bore allowing hubcentric fitment to your vehicle. These adaptors are available in a range of thicknesses from 15mm-35mm. The 5x120 bolt pattern is studded with a choice of studs.

What does a 114.3 bolt pattern fit? ›

5×114.3, also known as 5×4.5 is a very common bolt pattern used on many Honda, Nissan, Infiniti, Lexus, Toyota, Hyundai, Ford, and more. 5×114.3 wheels are available in 14″, 15″, 16″, 17″, 18″, 19″ and 20″ diameters in a wide range of widths and offsets to fit just about any car, SUV or light truck on the road.

What is the most common car lug pattern? ›

Most Common Bolt Patterns
  • 5 x 4.5" (114.3mm) ...
  • 5 x 5" (127mm) ...
  • 5 x 5.5" (139.7mm) ...
  • 6 x 135mm. ...
  • 6 x 4.5" (114.3mm) Popular Dodge and Nissan trucks and SUVs.
  • 6 x 5.5" (139.7mm) Many import and domestic trucks and SUVs.
  • 8 x 6.5" Ford, GM, and Dodge full size trucks and SUVs.
  • 8 x 170mm. '99 and newer Ford Super Duty trucks.

What does 5x114 3 lug pattern convert to? ›

The conversion of inches to mm is 1 inch to 25.4 mm.

3 mm is also referred to as 5x4. 5). A bolt circle of 5x114. 3 mm would indicate a 5 lug pattern on a circle with a diameter of 114.3mm (or 4.5").

Is bolt pattern 5 lug 4.5 inch or 114.3 mm? ›

5-Lug Bolt Pattern Conversions (mm to Inches)
5-110mm = 5-4.33"5-112mm = 5-4.41"5-114.3mm = 5-4.5"
5-115mm = 5-4.52"5-120mm = 5-4.72"5-120.7mm = 5-4.75"
5-127mm = 5-5"5-130mm = 5-5.12"5-135mm = 5-5.3"
5-139.7mm = 5-5.5"5-205mm = 5-8.07"5-150mm = 5-5.91"
2 more rows

Can you put 5x114 rims on a 5x114 3 lug pattern? ›

Yes, 5×114 will fit 5×114.3. In fact, they are the same thing seeing as there aren't any consumer wheels manufactured with the 5×114 bolt pattern. They both have 5 bolts on the wheel with equal circle diameters. However, the confusion happens because 5×114.3 is often approximated to 5×114.

Can you put 5x120 wheels on 5x114 3? ›

PERRIN 20mm Wheel Adapters allow you to fit 5x120 wheels onto your 5x114. 3 Honda.

What does 5 on 4 1 2 mean? ›

A very common designation for boat trailer hubs would be 5 on 4-1/2 or 545 for short. This means that the hub has 5 bolts spaced evenly on a 4-1/2" circle (see 5-lug diagram).

What is Ford stud pattern? ›

Find Your Stud Pattern
Stud PatternStud PCDCommon Stud Size
FORD5 x 114.3mm1/2″
COMMODORE5 x 120mm7/16″
HQ HOLDEN5 x 120.65mm7/16″
HT HOLDEN5 x 108mm7/16″
4 more rows
Sep 29, 2019

Will a 5x114 3 fit 5x112 with wobble bolts? ›

Pick up these new Wobble Bolts and expand your wheel possibilities. These bolts feature a floating conical seat collar that allows movement up to 3mm of a wheel's PDC, which in turn, will allow you to run a 5x114. 3 bolt pattern on your 5x112 pattern.

Can you put 5x100 on 5x112? ›

1 Inch (25mm) 5x100 to 5x112 Wheel Adapters

Our adapters are designed to adapt your vehicle's 5x100 bolt pattern to a 5x112 pattern. This allows you to run wheels that have a different bolt pattern that your vehicle's stock wheels.

Can lug nuts be too small? ›

Excessively tightened lug nuts can strip the threads, distort brake rotors, damage the wheel, and possibly shear off the lug stud. Insufficiently tightened lug nuts can come loose, with catastrophic consequences.

Why does Subaru use 5x100? ›

The car is light enough where 4x100 would've been perfectly strong enough, however Subaru doesn't have any recent 4x100 hubs and brakes AFAIK that would've made doing things light and cheap a good solution. Thus, 5x100. There are plenty of aftermarket wheel and brake options for 5x100.

Will rims from one car fit another? ›

Be Wary About Putting Wheels from Other Vehicles on Your Car

To fit correctly, offer the proper driving dynamics, and ensure safety, the wheel must have not only the proper bolt pattern, but also the proper width, centerbore, offset, and load capacity for the vehicle.

Which cars use 5x112 bolt pattern? ›

  • Aventador 2011-2022.
  • Centenario 2016-2017.
  • Countach 2021-2022.
  • Gallardo 2003-2008.
  • Gallardo LP560-4 2008-2014.
  • Gallardo LP560-4 Spyder 2008-2014.
  • Gallardo Spyder 2006-2008.
  • Huracan 2014-2022.

What is the most common lug nut? ›

The three most common hex sizes for lug nuts are 17 mm, 19 mm, and 21 mm, while 22 mm, 23 mm, 11⁄16 inch (17.5 mm), and 13⁄16 inch (20.6 mm) are less commonly used.

Can you use a different rim size but same bolt pattern? ›

The bolt pattern or bolt circle is vehicle-specific and cannot be changed. It must be the same as the wheel. However, some wheels are universal and can be installed on various bolt patterns, thus on multiple vehicles.

Are bolt pattern adapters safe? ›

Wheel adapters are not generally designed to handle hard cornering or the heavy hauling requirements of larger vehicles. Under some circumstances, they may fail leading to serious safety issues. There have been instances where truck wheel adapters have failed causing serious accidents and even loss of life.

What pattern do you tighten lug nuts? ›

When tightening lug nuts, use the star pattern. Start at any lug, then go to the farthest nut and so on. This will assure the wheel is drawn down evenly and all the nuts equally torqued.

What is the bolt pattern on a Chevy Malibu? ›

What is the bolt pattern on the Chevy Malibu? Late generations of Chevy Malibu have a 5x115 bolt pattern, although they had a 5x110 bolt pattern from 1999 – 2012 and a 5x120 bolt pattern from 2013 – 2015.

What is the bolt pattern on a Chevy Impala? ›

What bolt pattern does the Chevy Impala have? The latest generation of Chevy Impala has a 5x120 bolt pattern, although earlier models often came with a 5x115 bolt pattern.

What bolt pattern does a Chevy have? ›

As mentioned above, the most common six-lug bolt pattern for Chevy vehicles is six-lug, 5.5-inch. Chevy has used the 6×5.5 bolt pattern for its 1500 4×4 pickup trucks since the late 60s.

What is the most common 5 lug bolt pattern for cars? ›

5×4.5 is the most common bolt pattern in cars and SUVs used today. Travel/utility trailer wheels also have this bolt pattern. There are multiple 5-lug car wheels with varying diameters: 5×4.5, 5×4.75, 5×5, etc. The 5.45 bolt pattern is called the Ford Bolt Pattern or Passenger Car Bolt Pattern.

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