Power VS Manual Recliner | Review and Pros & Cons (2023) (2023)

It is really challenging to decide what type of recliner you need for your home. Do you want a power recliner that allows you to recline by just pressing the button? Or do you like the stylish and beautiful manual type of recliner that is difficult to operate?

Recliners are an excellent way to soothe the pain and relax the body after an exhausting day.

Power VS Manual Recliner

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FeaturePower ReclinerManual Recliner
PriceTypically more expensiveTypically less expensive
Ease of useEasy to use with a remote controlMore difficult to use, requires manual effort
Number of adjustmentsMore adjustableFewer adjustable
FeaturesOften includes features such as massage, heat, and reclining positionsMay include features such as rocking and reclining positions
DurabilityCan be more durableCan be less durable
Noise levelCan be noisierQuieter
PortabilityCan be more portableCan be less portable
StyleMore modernMore traditional

There are two main kinds of recliners that are available in the market. One is a power recliner, and the other is a manual recliner, but selecting of right recliner is difficult. Don’t worry. I will help you to decide which recliner is best for your needs by comparing power vs. manual recliners along with their pros and cons.

Overview of Power Recliner

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Let’s first review the power recliner before discussing the difference between manual vs. electric recliners. Power recliners are also called electric recliners as they operate on electricity. The electric recliners are of two types, either single motor or double motor. Usually, single-motor electric recliners enable you to recline easily with a single motor, while in dual-motor power recliners, one motor controls the headrest, and the other motor controls the footrest.

Power lift recliners ensure a significant level of comfort and relieve the whole day’s stress by simply pressing the button on the recliner. You can easily move in many seating positions, from reclining to seating and seating to standing. So, power recliners are great options for disabled individuals or people that face mobility problems after surgery. Below are the pros and cons of power recliners:

Reasons to Buy

  • The recliner button benefits disabled people to move easily
  • Gives heat and vibratory massage therapy to heal the pain
  • Durable and long-lasting recliner
  • Requires less effort to operate
  • Simple and easy to use

Reasons to Avoid

  • Power recliners need to be placed near power outlets
  • High-price and heavyweight recliner

Overview of Manual Recliners

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Manual recliners are also known as push-back or push-arm recliners. In manual recliners, you have to recline without pressing the button by pushing back your arms. You can relax by keeping your legs on the footrest in manual recliners. The lever system that is present on the side of the recliner controls the manual recliners.

Although manual recliners take effort to operate, it is more comfortable than ordinary chairs. Manual recliners allow you to move only in two positions. So, if you want a beautiful design recliner that minimizes your tiredness and prevents muscle strain, then go for the manual recliners. Following are the pros and cons of manual recliners:

Reasons to Buy

  • Reduces tiredness and relieves painful body parts
  • Relax your legs by placing feet on the footrest
  • Lightweight and flexible recliner
  • Easy to maintain
  • Affordable price

Reasons to Avoid

  • User strength needed
  • Less durable

Key Differences between Manual and Power Recliners

Let’s start comparing the basic features of the power recliner vs. manual recliners.

1. Positions

The electric power recliners offer different and variety of moving and reclining, seating, and standing positions. As power recliners change the positions and adjustability settings by electric motors, therefore these recliners deliver you infinite locking positions.

You can adjust the seat and footrest by pressing the recliner button. In contrast, manual recliners give you only one set of reclined positions. So, in terms of position, power recliners are the winner. In the comparison of recliners vs. lounge chairs, lounge chairs do not allow moving positions, while recliners offer you fully movable positions.

2. Speed

Regarding the speed criteria in electric vs. manual recliner, manual recliner takes the award. Manual recliners permit you to recline quickly, while electric recliner couch offers slowly recline feature than manual recliners.

3. Durability

Power recliners stay longer and are more durable than manual recliners. There are less chances of wear and tear in power motor recliners, while manual recliners wear down fastly with regular usage.

4. Ease of Use

When it comes to easiness, power recliners excel in comparison to manual chairs. Manual recliners require sufficient strength to operate and recline by pushing back arms and shoulders. Electric recliners enable you to move easily by just pressing the power lift button.

5. Price

Price is the basic difference in between manual recliner vs. electric recliner. The manual recliners are less expensive and affordable choice if you want to spend less money on the recliner. If you want a more comfortable and best-featured recliner, then buy a high price power recliner. In the price comparison of Catnapper vs. Ashley furniture, catnapper is more expensive than Ashley furniture.

6. Maintenance

Manual recliners do not use electric parts in their design; therefore, manual recliners are easy to maintain and upkeep in contrast to electric power recliners.

7. Feature Options

Electric power recliners offer extra features than manually operated recliners. You can enjoy the heat and vibratory massage therapy features in the power motor recliner. There are many adjustability options in electric recliner sofas. The power recliner also gives zero gravity features to users, which helps to reduce stress and prevents heart attacks. The zero gravity feature also enhances blood circulation and improves sleep problems.

Bottom Line

So, what have you selected between a power vs. manual recliner after reading my article? As you have noticed above, both types of recliners have pros and cons. Actually, it depends on your needs, budget, and preferences. Choose the one that gives you maximum comfort, stays longer, and is easy to use but also within your budget. However, power lift recliners are better for relieving acute and chronic back pain than manual recliners.

FeaturePower ReclinerManual Recliner
OperationAutomated motors and buttons or remote control are used to recline the backrest and lift the footrestRequires your body weight to push back and recline by placing your hands on the armrests for leverage.
Power SourceNeeds to be plugged into a power outlet or can use a rechargeable battery pack.Powered by your arm, shoulder, and body weight; no external power source required.
Positions and SettingsOffers more positions and settings options; footrest, backrest, and headrest can move separately; seat can be inclined forward to assist with standing up .Limited number of locking positions; typically offers 16 rocking and 3 footrest positions.
Effort and ConvenienceRequires minimal effort with a single press of a button.Requires physical effort to push back and recline.
Mobility AssistanceSome power recliners are designed as lift recliners, helping users transition from sitting to standing positions.Does not offer specific mobility assistance features.
AppearanceTends to look bulkier and have a more distinct recliner appearance.Can have a less bulky and more versatile appearance, blending in easier with home decor.
LongevityMotorized components may have the potential for malfunction or wear out over time.Less mechanical components, generally considered more durable.
WeightTends to be heavier due to motorized components.Lighter and easier to move around.

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Q1: Which is better electric or manual recliner?

Electric power recliners are better than manual recliners because power recliners offer infinite locking positions and heat massage therapy compared to manual recliners. Moreover, electric recliners are easy to operate. However, the cost of manual recliners is less.

Q2: Are motorized recliners worth it?

Motorized power recliners are the perfect option for individuals who want to immediately relax their bodies after a tough working day. The motorized recliners are a worthwhile choice for surgery patients, older and disabled people that helps to move and stand up easily.

Q3: How long do manual recliners last?

Manual recliners are expected to stay for about 10 years with the proper usage. But the recliners cannot last longer when the pets and kids misuse them.

Q4: Can a power recliner be used manually?

Electric power lift recliners cannot be operated manually as they are designed with a backup battery that permits them to move and recline by using the electric motor.

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