How to Properly Setup a Hammer Strength Chest Press (2023)


You all know I love Hammer Strength Chest Pressing. The first reason is because it feels amazing to my pecs and secondly, I remember Jay Cutler swearing by them. So of course I wanted a thick chest like Jay, so I began doing them week after week.

I got an excellent question about where to set the seat height, so today I go over where it is ideal. Now this 100% depends on how tall you are, but the main keys here are:
- Are my feet flat on the ground (creating a strong base to press from)
- Where the handles hit in relation to my chest (this is so that we do NOT impinge the shoulder whatsoever)

If you get those 2 things perfectly aligned, the next step is getting brutally strong at it.

Apply this set up to your next chest workout and let me know how much better of a pump you get doing it this way.

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How to properly set up the seat, one hammer shrink, pressing and we'll show you how to do it all right guys.

We had a viewer question on how to properly set up the seat in a hammer string chest press machine, so we have two here at Elite the incline and then the wide, which is very similar to the decline that you'll see at most gyms.

So let me show you how I would set this up to maximally hit your chest on both of these pieces.

Let's start with the incline, all right, so seat, height, step one if I'm seated on this piece and my feet aren't flat on the ground, it's either too high or too low or if I'm eating my knees.

So if my knees are here, it's just too uncomfortable.

If you look at that, that's roughly a 90 degree angle between my quad and my calf, so that feels really good.

It's a powerful base there.

My hips are going to be under me.

So that's where the in my mind the seat is going to be set.

I just did this piece, so it's already set for me.

So I just want to show this next look at the handles here: I'll get them to zoom.

In from the front you can see where that sits right on my front delt, that's how I know I'm in the right height for the seat as well.

If, for example, let me show you I'm going to lower the seat, see that hits way too high, or on the flip side of that all the seat is going to be all the way up ate my fear on the ground.

We see how that hits them like under my underpex, like watch when I press this, let's just it that this right here is useless.

It's doing nothing but hammering my shoulder.

I need to lower this seat.

Now we're back feet flat on the ground.

It's right at my front.

Delt now watch me press we're here.

You see that converging.

Look at the meat of my upper packs here down stretch up, look at that converging.

So as I press up the handle comes in and across my body, massively flexing my chest.

That is a fully shortened PEC and it's hammering that upper portion from the inside of my sternum all the way to my front dial.

So again, look at that drilling my chest drilling my chest.

That's how I know I had the seat set up perfectly for me now, what you'll find is I have a very long torso, meaning the sternum to my hip is a very long in comparison to my limb length, which nine times the tin is.

Why I'm a good presser right, I have shorter arms and I have shorter legs, but I have a long torso, which I'm, roughly 510 so I have to play around with this seat height, where my feet are going to be flat on the ground where these handles hit me properly and I can massively contract my upper chest on this Hammer string incline, let's go over the decline.

I'll show you how to set that up all right.

So the funny thing is the chest: workout we just filmed I thought I had to see height perfect.

Well, what I realized once I unracked three plates? Was it wasn't I needed to lower it two or three inches, so you notice I unracked it I was like oh no.

This doesn't feel right, wrapped it lower the seat and then got after it, because I'm never going to do a set.

That's going to put my shoulder at a vulnerable position and I didn't like where that was set up for me, especially now.

Listen that was a moderate load for that cluster.

Sound, but I'm.

Still not gonna.

Put this shoulder or this shoulder in a binding position.

That's going to sacrifice not only the Integrity of my joint but give me less stimulus on my pecs, which is what I want to make them grow.

So great example.

Now, let's talk about the seat height very similar to the incline is I want my feet to be flat on the ground so again, I had this set up for me.

So look when I sit down into this.

My feet are flat on the ground: I'm, not on my toes I'm, literally flat on the ground, with my seat and hips pushed all the way to the back of the seat.

Next, when I sit back to grab these handles and I slide into it, look where that hits me.

So when I press out, if you drew an imaginary line- and you touched my chest- that's going to be right in the middle and then as I come back.

You see how this handle goes down and out.

It's now look where that hits me right in my lower pecs, which is what I'm targeting lower outer to Middle upper bam.

That's why I love this piece, because it hits all that tissue for my lower chest mid chest into my upper PEC.

So when I come across bam, fire squeeze fire and squeeze get both hands going, so you can see it so if I'm sitting up I'm thinking about sweeping my hands out, squeeze my chest sweep my hands out between my chest.

You can literally see that through my shirt hard as a rock right now now, let me show you the way: if the seat is either too hot or Too Short feet on the ground, I have a shitty base, I'm, already kind of wobbly, so I can't won't be able to handle any kind of considerable load.

Next, look where this hits look.

What the imaginary line is right, so here lower chest as I come down that shit's all the way down in my rib cage, one of my training, intercostals serratus obliques, no alignment alignment- this doesn't feel like it's doing now.

Can I still get a chest contraction right here? Yes, but all of this is a useless now.

Let me show you, if I, throw it too low.

Now, look where's that hit me in my armpit when I press out it's almost like you're trying to do an upper chest, but it's that look, how bound I am through the elbow.

This is doesn't feel natural.

It doesn't.

My elbows aren't eating into my rib cage they're like two sitting too high, and it's just trying to get into my upper chest which I'm going to train upper chest.

I'm gonna hit that piece right behind me and do the incline Hammer Strength right think about this.

Logically, this is a decline or lower chest movement.

I need to Target that muscle tissue, so we're gonna fix the seat.

I'm gonna show you some good reps and then we'll wrap this video up feet play on the ground up and out squeeze up and out squeeze just like that.

You know what I want to impress upon you guys is.

When you do this, it's going to take some experimenting, because your torso link may be different mine.

Your arm may be a different arm.

Length may be different than mine.

Your shoulder Mobility may be different than mine.

Do what feels the best for the muscle and feels the best for the joint? Don't necessarily go about.

Oh well, the diagram says this or my buddy says this or this Jack.

Does it this way? Do what feels the best for your muscle, because in the day, if you're body voting or trying to build lean muscle tissue at the maximum rate, you have to do what feels best for you biomechanically and that takes experimentation.

It takes playing around with different weights and techniques until you'll feel it where it's like.

Oh man, that's a 10 out of 10 contraction and then once you feel that you simply have to repeat it week after week year after year, and you will grow a big thick chest until next time, guys like share and subscribe.

We appreciate all the questions comments, because I will dig into those questions, answer them honestly and truthfully and if I don't know the answer.

I'll tell you not a big deal so until next time, Christmas TV.


How to Properly Setup a Hammer Strength Chest Press? ›

Hammer presses are a great variation on the bench press if you need something that's easier on the shoulders, better at fixing strength imbalances, or safer when you're working toward full muscle exhaustion.

Is the hammer strength chest press good? ›

Hammer presses are a great variation on the bench press if you need something that's easier on the shoulders, better at fixing strength imbalances, or safer when you're working toward full muscle exhaustion.

How do you use a hammer strength press? ›

Hammer Strength Bench Press Instructions

The handles should mimic the position of the bar when benching. Position your palms on the handles, inhale, and set your shoulder blades together on the bench. Press the handles to extension as you exhale but keep the shoulder blades packed.

What is the starting resistance for hammer strength chest press? ›

Specifications: Starting Resistance 7 lbs (3.2 kg)

What is the death grip on bench press? ›

What Is Suicide Grip Bench Press? Also known as a false grip, the suicide grip bench is an open grip weightlifting technique where you position your thumbs next to your index finger instead of wrapping them around the barbell as you would with a traditional bench press.

Who has the strongest chest press? ›

Powerlifter Jimmy Kolb Logs 612.5-Kilogram (1,350.3-Pound) Equipped Bench Press World Record. Kolb can now count himself as a trailblazing pioneer. When it comes to some of the most powerful lifts in recorded history, powerlifter Jimmy Kolb now stands alone.

What is the difference between bench press and hammer strength chest press? ›

A HSCP (hammer strength chest press) keeps the individual in an upright position, while a free weight bench press is performed while in a supine position. Also, a HSCP has a horizontal movement pattern while a free weight bench requires a vertical press.

What is the difference between chest press and hammer strength chest press? ›

In addition to the basics, the Hammer Strength machine itself differentiates this press from a standard machine chest press. Hammer's machines use free weight plates rather than stacked weights, basically hybridizing a free weight and machine workout.

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