Can Am X3 Turbo R Bump seat install! UTVMA! (2024)


We install a bump seat into our SXS! Much needed and the little guy LOVES it!! Highly recommend. Follow the link below to get one for your machine! Thanks for watching as always and we will be back very soon with some more car stuff!!


Foreign welcome back everybody, so today we are going to do something a little different um if you've been following the channel for a really long time.

You know a couple years ago we picked up this thing: uh, it is a 2018 Can-Am, uh, Maverick, X3, xrc, Turbo R a lot of fun.

We have not ridden it a bunch lately, um just no time and with the little guy I'm, not gonna, go out by myself in it and vice versa, so it just hasn't been used a whole lot, I'm, really hoping to get some time in it this summer um.

But to do that, we need to take everybody along.

You know we can't leave anybody out, so we got a little bump seat here and that will go right in between these seats.

It was either that or sell this and buy a four seater nah, so we're gonna go ahead and put that bump seat in today.

This will be kind of a little tutorial, review-ish thing, um kind of just working on a side by side for a change.

So hopefully it won't be too terrible.

Basically, from what I can tell seats got to come out, basically just four bolts on those they say: they're taking them, take them completely out.

I think what I'm going to do is just unbolt them and kind of slide them forward, maybe tilt them forward if we need to because basically we just need to access the back two bolts on each one, so really shouldn't be that bad um, but yeah we're gonna go ahead and dive into this and comment below.

If you guys want to see a little bit more side-by-side content, we had a couple jumps out back that we built um.

It was fun, but just wasn't a whole lot of room back there, so we can do something track wise back there this summer, if you guys want to see something like that and uh go from there, but I'm gonna go ahead and start getting these seats out.

So for those of you that don't really have a ton of side by side background or know a whole lot about them.

Um, like I, said this is a Can-Am Maverick X3 uh.

It is a turbo R, which means it is basically the middle of the road.

They have the turbo, Turbo R and turbo RR um.

This is basically bone stock except for wheels and tires or Wheels tires or factory um.

So it has 172 horsepower.

Two-Wheel drive, four-wheel, drive selectable, obviously all that good stuff, but it gets up and goes for what it is.

So it's a pretty fun unit all right.

Let's go there's one seat like I said they tell you to take it out completely, but basically the seat belts bolt to the bottom of the seat on the sides and there's really no reason to take them off, because there's plenty of room right here to get around that so um worst case, like I, said we might Flip It, Forward and Brace it that way, just for a little bit, but should be good with this.

So I'm gonna go ahead and do the other side, and then we will cut right back to it, but uh, that's kind of where we're at and so far so good.

All right, second seat is out.

So I said that one's out it's just moved out of the way.

It's basically you got these two rear, bolts and the front ones are adjustable.

They were down here.

They can be moved up if you want a little more rake in the seat, but yeah.

That's where we're at so we are going to get to the bump.

Seat portion so obviously comes with the seat comes with these are kind of little handles that go around the harness, so they can grab onto them.


We got basically harness stuff.

Here we got little pads.

Actually super soft, really nice and little clickers there to make it easy instructions on that have a wrap it um.

That would be for the bar behind the seat right here, so we will have to see if it uses that or not um.

The instructions that I looked at did not have that in them, but that may be how it goes.

I, don't know, but we're gonna go ahead and get these undone as well.

Basically, we got two brackets here, some hardware and another plate.

It's not too bad there.

You have that we got those.

Two brackets and, like I, said a plate and some Hardware they give you these spacers here to put on the rear bolts that saw spacers on there.

So I don't know if these are shorter, Maybe, just a tiny bit shorter, so we'll go ahead and throw the shoulder shorter ones on there we'll keep these because you never know what we'll need these for someday.

So this could come in pretty handy, so we'll go ahead and slide all those on they give you kind of instructions on how to get this set up and, as you can tell, it's got some little notches on here.

That'll line up with that one.

So pretty dummy proof, it looks like so we will go ahead and get these bolted together and then we'll come back and we'll have it kind of set up and I'll show you what we did and we'll get it put in there.

All right so got everything kind of laid out here and really not much to it at all.

So, like I said these guys here pretty dummy proof they go together like so, and this plate here has the little nut things already welded to it.

So it's threaded.

So basically you put that on, like so put the bolts up from the bottom, the only thing that I see here that I don't really like, and it's really nothing on the manufacturer.

They don't send washers with these bolts, probably really don't need them.

Okay, just out of kind of a habit.

I would throw some washers on these.

If you can um But there again, you don't really need them.

It's kind of one of those things pressure Preference.

They do send them with the bigger bolts for the seat, so no biggie, but I'm gonna get this bolted up and basically that seat goes on there and those bolts come up and to the bottom of that.

So pretty simple um.

It does tell you to put the straps on the seat before you put it on there.

So I will do that.

That might take some finagling and figuring out so I'm gonna get this bolted on I'm gonna get those on and I'm gonna get that bolted on here and then we're gonna throw it in all right.

Well, there you have it so these will go to the cage um on the top straps come through here and then basically, it's got a Buckle in the middle and then um.

If they're big enough to have like a chest, strap I just keep these from moving around on them and then basically this goes through the bar here.

This is technically the wrong seat, I think, because the instructions and for the X3 seat there is a little.

You know it's a real small bar that comes off of the actual seat bar that this strap goes through, but I went ahead and ran it through the seat bar because that bar is a lot thicker anyway.

So in the event of a wreck or something heaven forbid, this will actually be stronger anyway, and it looks a little better to me because you don't have this big tab hanging down here.

So I went ahead and ran it through there, and then this will bolt to the seat.

Uh studs, just like seats, do so it'll sit on there.

Like so I know it's dark but show you on this side just like that, and it all bought it to the seat Mount.

So the bottom is slotted on the seat.

Not this obviously, but the seat is slotted, so it can move forward and backward.

So it is snug right now.

It's not super tight, but I'm going to set it in there and see kind of where it sits forward and back and right now it's as far forward as it can go.

Um I definitely kind of want it as far back as it can go if possible.

Just for Elbow, Room and stuff like that, but we're going to get it set in there and see what it looks like and see kind of how far away it is or if it's gonna work, just how it is.

It is good quality I'm not gonna lie I mean the seat is holstered very nice that actually matches the factory seats really well.

So a lot of guys on these side by sides Aftermarket seats in them just for safety and whatnot.

But so this match is nice yeah there it is.

It was hitting this plastic piece right here where this little lip is that comes up and in and back up, but a little Force set that right down bad thing about this seat.

First complaint I'm gonna, give it right now covers up the cup holders, great, not a big deal.

We can figure something out about that um, whether it be make something over here or whatnot.

It's all right, no big deal but those kind of suck.

If you like pulling your drinks around no cater drinks, you choose but yeah.

It does look pretty good in here.

It does not look like it's going to be able to go back anymore because of this piece that could oh can't come out really because the turbo sits right behind there, but I could I guess if you wanted to, but that seat would get really hot.

So that's in there I'm gonna go ahead and tighten those bolts real well, and then we will get the seats.

Put back in, we will make sure to put the harness Mount down in there, and then we will put the harnesses on the bar back there, snug them up, that'll, be it so I'm gonna go ahead and tighten those up, and we will put these seats back in C10 seats wrong.

So, like I, said earlier, that little bar that comes across indicated to me that the seat was wrong to begin with, I figured, it was no big deal, um fits in there.

Well, actually, with the brackets and everything it's super nice and when I had talked to them, they thought they told me the seat was the same.

Obviously, it's not um, nothing bad on them.

Just an error, um I, would use this seat, but with these seats in these seats cannot slide back this one slides back for far enough.

That I can drive it comfortably, but I'm not always going to be the one driving it.

So this has to move throughout its whole range to be right.

That's just the way it is like I said: I wouldn't care, but that harness goes between the seat and the bump seat.

That's what keeps the little dude where he needs to be so, unfortunately, that needs to be correct, um and without this being able to slide back and forth with that not being interfered with it's just not gonna work, so I will get a hold of them again and we will get the correct seat here and send that one back or whatever they want to do with that one, and we will get that in and we will come right back to you in a week.

I don't know whenever, but that'll be right now.

Well we're back.

It's been a couple weeks, not gonna lie to you, um, just communication errors and stuff.

Like that, we finally got everything worked out.

It's finally here and you know what I done put it in already bad YouTuber, I, guess: I, don't know it didn't, show you but I mean you've seen the other one get put in.

It was the same exact situation.

This one is narrower and it does have the piece that we're talking about sliding the harness through um.

So back here it's dark, I know: um yeah can't see it, but there's a little bar on the bottom of the seat.

Harness slides through goes through here the same and it's put around the harness bar.

So everything is good.

It is nice and tight in there and it is ready for a nice day and the little man to hop in it and go for a ride.

Um honestly I am super happy with the quality of everything uh seat, slides as it should now.

That's in there good, like I, said only downfall to this that I can see at all.

Is a cup holders covered up, not a big deal? You got legs just hold it.

It's fine um, so yeah super cool ready to try that out, uh UTV ma go check them out.

They'll get you set up with a nice bump seat.

If you got a little guy, a little girl and uh, you guys you like to ride and they want to go.

Take them safely.

Don't just hold them.

You know we we've done it everybody's done it you you do it down the road.

You know it's! It's fine, but this is obviously a much better option: they're safer, they're, probably more comfortable, let's be honest here and it it matches everything.

Super good stitching matches everything's there.

So super excited about that happy that it's done ready to go.

Try it out thanks for watching guys.

I know this was a little bit different, hey we're just showing you what we're doing around here.

So thanks for watching again, if you would come on back, we'll be we'll be bringing something out again, pretty soon, whether it be the Nova or hey.

If you guys haven't watched before this, we got a 2JZ Chevelle getting built over there.

We got the C10, we got all kinds of things going on, so come back, watch some more stuff share it with your friends.

Do whatever you want to do got a lot of things coming up this year, a lot of things we want to do and uh we're gonna.

Do you only get one trip so we're gonna? Do it and we're gonna have fun? So thanks guys for watching see you next time.

Thank you, foreign.

Can Am X3 Turbo R Bump seat install! UTVMA! (2024)


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